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Post Judgment Matters

Divorce, custody, support and legal separation matters all end with the entry of a judgment either by agreement or after trial. There often comes a time thereafter where one of the parties needs to either enforce a provision of the judgment or modify a provision of the judgment. Our Family Law Practice Group has years of experience assisting clients in doing both.

If your ex-spouse or the parent of your child is not complying with the terms of the judgment, then we can assist you in bringing an action to enforce the judgment.  ften this is done by filing a contempt citation and seeking an order from the court meant to force the opposing side to comply with the terms of the judgment.

If you feel you need to modify some portion of your judgment, we can assist you in that process as well. Some provisions of a judgment are modifiable and others are not. Generally speaking, property settlements are not modifiable. Child support and custodial orders are modifiable upon a substantial change in circumstances or a showing that the current order is no longer in the child’s best interest.  limony orders may be fully modifiable, modifiable as to amount only, modifiable as to term only or non-modifiable altogether, depending upon the specific language of your judgment. If you have questions, call for a consultation and our Family Law Practice Group would be happy to meet with you, review the terms of your individual judgment and discuss your options going forward. Call now.