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Divorce Litigation

The prospect of divorce can be emotional and overwhelming.  The ending of a marriage brings with it many life changing questions.  Where will the children reside?  Will I have to sell my house?  How will I make ends meet?  To what am I entitled?  You need not walk this path alone.

Our Family Law Practice Group is an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate team committed to providing you with legal counsel through the rough waters of the divorce process.  We have helped hundreds of people like you to find security among the uncertainty of divorce.  We will provide you with an understanding of the statutes and case law governing the divorce process.  We will assist you to make certain that you are fully aware of the financial assets of your marriage.  We will advocate for you in an effort to secure a settlement that is fair to you and your children.

divorce litigation

“The ending of a marriage brings with it many life changing questions …You need not walk this path alone.”

In Connecticut, the vast majority of divorce cases settle at some stage in the process.  At that point, we will draft and review all necessary documents to make certain that the language of the Agreement provides the legal effects you are seeking.  The key to securing a positive settlement is to have done the legwork, determined the assets and be fully prepared for trial, if needed.  Accordingly, should your case not settle and require a trial, our Family Law Practice Group has extensive experience in advocating for clients before both state and tribal courts.

If you find yourself faced with a pending divorce or if you feel the need to educate yourself on the process, call to set a consultation now.